Breast Awareness Benefits Everyone

Babe's Story B.a.b.e. is a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to furthering awareness about breast cancer, changing peoples perceptions of the disease, and supporting those researchers working to eliminate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease.

Everyone can be affected by Breast Cancer in one way or another. Either by being diagnosed or by someone you know being diagnosed.

The B.a.b.e. Approach - Why We Are Different

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- Why I started B.A.B.E

Babe Founder Marcia Hrichison has spent 20 years working in the entertainment and music industries. In January 2001, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Two months later, days after she produced "Backstage at the GRAMMYS" she underwent a mastectomy, and later chemotherapy. During 2001, Marcia did a lot of research. Breast cancer fundraising items and activities were NOT sexy: pink kitchen appliances, pink scarves, pink bracelets, pink cookbooks, pink bears. .

Photos from fund-raising events are filled with the triumphant faces of women that had finished the walk. Women. Where were the men? Breast cancer attacks breasts. Who appreciates breasts more than men? Marcia had an epiphany. This is about breasts. Breasts are sexy. Breasts are beautiful. If breast cancer continues to affect one in every eight women, there won't be many breasts or women left. She created a non-profit organization that is sexy, that teams with the industries that appreciate the power of breasts. b.a.b.e. was born.

b.a.b.e. is supporting the following organizations in their mission to eradicate breast cancer, develop new treatments for breast cancer, and increase awareness of breast cancer: The City of Hope Cancer Center, and The Wellness Community.

There is nothing sexier than a hero who gets involved in helping TODAY!
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